Another Birthday!

Super sorry I haven’t posted in a while! Anyway another one of my bros had a birthday party and this is what I wore. It’s nothing special but I figured I had better do a post anyway since I haven’t posted in about two weeks (I can’t believe it’s been that long).

me again 1

me again 2

Outfit details:

Shirt- Thrifted

Skirt- Thrifted

Camisole- Walmart

Sandals- Payless Shoes

So glad I’m back to posting! Have a great day!


Guest Post (Tag Answers)

Do y’all remember the tag I did? Well one of my cousins wanted to do it and since she didn’t have a blog she could do it on I said she could do it here! 

So here are her answers!

Was dressing modestly a choice or something you have always done? If it was a choice when did you make the decision and why? – It’s something I’ve always done.

Do you have a go to outfit if so what is it? (a pic wold be nice) –  Here is my go to outfit; it can be for both church and casual…


What is your favorite accessory? – Necklace and Earrings!

Heels or Flats? – Heels (and sneakers)!

What is your favorite shade of lipstick? – I don’t wear lipstick but if I could it would be a light pink!

What is the modest fashion blog you first saw and what is the one you would recommend? – This is the only fashion blog I have seen so it’s the only one I could recommend!

Do you shop more at thrift stores or regular stores? – Mostly regular and online!

What is your favorite season for clothes? – Oh that’s hard! I would have to go with… Fall and Summer!

Do you like vintage fashion? – Kind of…

What is your favorite time era in terms of fashion? – Medieval!

Have you ever cosplayed anyone? – Nope! But I wish I could!

I tag my mother Julie!

Thank y’all for reading and have a great day!

Elisabeth + Genevieve

Mini Vacation!!!

So yesterday, after church, we backed are bags and headed to a hotel! We were going to go during March break but it wasn’t going to work so that’s why we’re taking a vacation now. 

I was going to do a Sunday Style post but I was feeling awful during church (I had a migraine headache) and when we got home I was busy backing.

Anyway here is what I wore the first day and a bit about how the vacation went!

mini vaca 2

mini vaca 1

mini vaca 5

mini vaca 6
This is my favorite bag!




The vacation is went great! We had so much fun sitting around watching Property Brothers (my brothers and Dad make the funniest comments)! We went to two different Thrift Stores (I’ll be doing a post later on showing what I got) and everyone got pretty good stuff! The last night we were there, (we meaning the five oldest) stayed up till 1:00 watching stuff and I made myself a tea in the microwave (a first for me, it tasted awful)! 

Outfit details:

Shirt- Reitmans 

Skirt- Thrift Store 

Camisole- Walmart

Sandals- Payless Shoes 

Bag- I’m not sure

So I think that’s it, thank y’all for reading, and have a great day!


Movies That Have Great Costumes (in my opinion)!

Do you ever watch a movie just to feast your eyes on the amazing costumes? Well I do and here are a few of the ones I watch because they have amazing costumes! 

To Catch a Thief (1955)

images (4)

Designer- Edith Head 

I love watching this movie so much (but not just for the costumes)! It’s my go to movie when I feel down or when I’m sick!

images (3)

Need a swimsuit cover-up? Perfect idea!
Normally I don’t like gold dresses but she and Edith Head make it work!
images (4)
Love it! + It’s modest!

Rear Window (1954)


Designer- Edith Head

This is a great movie in terms of costumes and plot!

grace-kellys-style-rear-window-8-e1353429370774 (1)

Oh my word! I love the bracelet so much! Can I get a YES!

images (1)

Favorite dress of hers in this movie! 

Sabrina (1954)

download (3)

Designer(s)- Edith Head+ Hubert de Givenchy

I’ve only watched this movie once but I remember loving the costumes!



images (12)
I Love This Dress So Much!

So you probably saw a pattern with the designers, but now let me break it up by talking about this movie!

Gone With the Wind (1939)

images (8)

Designer- Walter Plunkett

I pretty much only watch this movie for the costumes (Scarlett seriously gets on my nerves)!

download (1)


melanie 12 oaks- movie1


images (11)


download (2)
images (10)
They deserve each other. 

images (7)

images (9)

Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

images (17)

Designer- Walter Plunkett

I LOVE this movie and the costumes sooooo much!!! It’s what got me interested in 20s styles!

images (13)
The BRACELET!!! (and just the whole thing)!!!!!!!
images (14)
I now you only see this girl for a minute but I love her dress! 

download (4)

images (16)

download (6)

images (15)
Fav dress that she wears!
images (18)
These three!!!!

images (20)

download (5)

Love, Love, Love! Lena’s dress!
images (19)

I’m not very good with word so I’ll just act out my thanks to the designers *blows kisses repeatedly*! 

So that’s it! Hoped y’all like it! Sorry I couldn’t get better pictures. And definitely tell me your favorite movies (in terms of costumes) in the comments!



So here is a tag I made a couple weeks ago and I’m finally getting around to publish it! Hope y’all like it! (This is the first one I’ve done so bear with me).


Was dressing modestly a choice or something you have always done? If it was a choice when did you make the decision and why?

Do you have a go to outfit if so what is it (a picture would be nice)?

What is your favorite accessory?

Heels or Flats?

What is your favorite shade of lipstick?

What is the modest fashion blog you first saw and what is the one you would recommend?

Do you shop more at thrift stores or regular stores?

What is your favorite season for clothes?

Do you like vintage fashion?

What is your favorite time era in terms of fashion?

Have you ever cosplayed anyone?


You have to tag one other person (at least).

You have to answer all questions.

I tag my best friend (and big sis) Eva! 

And if anyone else wants to do this tag that’s totally fine! 


Sunday Style #2

So this Sunday was super great! Great weather, great service, and afterwards one of my aunts came over for super! It was over all an amazing day! 

This is what I wore. 

Sunday Style #2, 1

Sunday Style #2,2.jpg

Sunday Style #2,3
I LOVE this scarf so much!

Sunday Style #2,4

Sunday Style #2,5

Sunday Style #2,13

Sunday Style #2,14

Sunday Style #2,15

Sunday Style #2,7

Sunday Style #2,8

It’s a super bright outfit and the pictures don’t do it justice!

It was an incredibly windy day, why is it that whenever I am taking pictures for my blog (or rather someone taking pictures of me) it’s so windy!?

The dress is one of the ones that you’re supposed to wear like nine different ways but I’ve only figured out three. Anyway I added a lace camisole for a little extra something!

I crazy love this cardigan like so much! I’m so glad I saw it at the Thrift Store before anyone else! 🙂

Outfit details:

Dress- I think Walmart?

Cardigan- Thrift Store 

Camisole- Walmart

Scarf- I have no idea

Bracelets- Gift

Shoes- No idea  

How was your Sunday? I hope it was as good as mine! And I hope you have an amazing week!


Party Outfit!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t done a blog post in a while but I was (and still am a little bit) sick. Anyway yesterday we celebrated one of my older brothers birthday! And here’s what I wore.

party outfit 7


party outfit

party outfit 8


party outfit 6

party outfit 3

party outfit 15

party outfit 2

The birthday party was at my house so I didn’t have to wear shoes which is why I just have a pair of old sneakers  on (I grabbed them on the way out of the house when we were going to take the pics)!

I was trying out a hairstyle I saw on Pinterest but since it was my first time trying it, it didn’t turn out super nice.

party outfit 059.JPG

party outfit 11


My makeup wasn’t anything special, just some mascara and raspberry\red colored lipstick!

Outfit details:

Top- Thrift Store

Skirt- Costco

Bracelets- No idea

Shoes-(not that really intended for them to be part of the outfit but anyway) Walmart

party outfit 16

So that’s what I wore, do you like the top as much as I do? (‘Because I seriously love it)!

Do you have a favorite go-to outfit for parties! Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!