I Wear Cowboy Boots, Sometimes…

Do any of you guys wear cowboy boots, like all the time? Well then my hats off to you, because I can only wear them four hours (tops) before I want to take them off and BURN them! Maybe it’s just the certain cowboy boots I was wearing….

Anyway have you ever had a moment of inspiration when you think of the perfect outfit? Well I did! And since I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget it… I decided to do a post about it and here it is!


me 3 2

me 3 3
I love the lilac bushes in the backgroundย 

me 3 4

me 3 5


I know you guys have seen this skirt sooo much on here but it really is my favorite skirt! It’s super comfortable and goes with pretty much anything!ย 

me 3 6

When my little brothers saw my belt they both touched it and said “ooh! cowboy!” so I’m guessing it has that kind of vibe going for it….

me 3 7

me 3 8

I really like this outfit, even the cowboy boots! I mean I don’t hate them buut they’re definitely not my favorite. Sorry everyone who loves them…. ๐Ÿ˜›

Outfit details:

Shirt- Reitmans

Camisole (you can’t see it)- Walmart ย 

Vest- Target (I made it from a shirt by cutting of the sleeves)

Skirt- Costco

Belt- Thrift Store

Earrings (you can’t really see them but they’re little flowers) – Thrift Storeย 

Boots- Hand-me-down from my brother

I hope y’all had a great Saturday!

Elisabeth ย 


8 thoughts on “I Wear Cowboy Boots, Sometimes…

  1. I’ve got a good pair of cowboy boots right now that are very comfortable — I can wear them for hours. Which is saying a lot, because I downright loathe shoes of all kinds and wear them only when it’s absolutely necessary. If my dad would’ve let me walk down the aisle barefoot for my wedding, I would’ve. But I think cowboy boots are like any other shoe — you have to get a good fit for them to be comfy ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. This is super cute! I LOVE wearing boots with maxi skirts — but I’m one of those people who pretty much wears boots with everything. Either boots, or bare feet ๐Ÿ˜€ I find them extremely comfortable — my favourite pair are some I’ve had for years. Maybe six or so, so they are super comfy ๐Ÿ˜€

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