Sunday Style #5

I’m sorry I’m late posting this but I’ve been really busy. This Sunday we went to a church in The Pas (pronounced- the paw) and the message was great! After the morning service they had a kids service which I stayed to help with, it was a good experience.

After that was over the pastors youngest daughter took me and my older sister and brothers (also my younger sister) Kayaking!! It was so. so. soooo fun!

But now on to my outfit!

Sunday Style #5 1

Sunday Style #5 2

Sunday Style #5 3

Sunday Style #5 4

Sunday Style #5 5

Sunday Style #5 6

Sunday Style #5 7

Sunday Style #5 007

Sunday Style #5 8

Sunday Style #5 9

Whenever I pack I always forget at least one thing and this time it was a nice blazer to wear to church, fortunately my brother lent me his black cardigan  which was better then anything I had.

Outfit details:

Dress- Hand-me-down

Camisole- Walmart

Sweater- Borrowed from my big bro!

Shoes- ?

Jewelry- Hand-me-down from my older sister

I think that’s everything I wanted to put in this post so bye for now!





Day 1

I’m just popping on to post what I wore on the first day of my vacation. I was able to quickly snap a pick of it so here it is! 

My hair wasn’t great, but hey I had to get up at 4:30 so….


This pic was taken around 7:30 but we had to leave the house at 5:30!  It was a good first day even if I was in the car most of it. 😛 There was some super great scenery (I wish I had gotten some pictures 😦 ).

Shirt- ?

Skirt- Homemade 

Jacket- Gift from my awesome older brother!

Shoes- Walmart



Goodbye For Now

So I know I haven’t blogged in over a week and I’m super sorry, I’ve been crazy busy (my entire family has been). Unfortunately I’m not doing a post about an outfit; this is a post about why I won’t be posting for the next two weeks. 

My family and I are taking a two week vacation to western Canada and I’ll probably be too busy\in the car to be able to post. I might just get my sister to take a picture of my outfit a couple times a week and then just pop on here and post it for you guys. Plus I will definitely do a post about what I wore on Canada Day because I mean this is the 150th anniversary of Canada!    

So now that I’ve explained that I’d really like to know what kind of posts you guys want to see more of. Would you like it if I started telling y’all my thoughts on costumes from movies, or just normal outfits I wear, dressy outfits, cosplays? Please comment, I’d really like to hear what you want to see on this blog! 

Sorry again! I will try to keep posting though. 🙂 

Please comment what you want to see on here! 

Till next time! 


Sunday Style #4

Yesterday was a pretty good Lord’s Day! I really enjoyed all the fellowship and the preaching this Sunday!

I’m not sure how I feel about this outfit but I was in a hurry and it was comfortable soo… I just went with it.

ME 6 2
I wish that car wasn’t in the background. 😦


ME 6 3

ME 6 4

ME 6 5

So I’m sure by now you’ve noticed my hair! 😛 I got my hair cut on Wednesday (as did my mom) and it was really fun, I love my hair short like this (especially in summer)!  I curled my hair in the morning and then just ran my fingers though it to create waves! Super quick and easy (it stayed in all day which was perfect).

Outfit details:

Shirt- Thrift Store

Skirt- Homemade 

Camisole- Walmart

Shoes- Borrowed from my mom

Earrings- Clair’s


How was your Sunday\Week?

What do you think of this outfit?

Do you like having your hair long, short, or medium? 

Please comment! 




Nothing much going on here but I thought I’d post the outfit I wore yesterday. We were planning on going out (that’s why it’s on the fancy side) but changed our minds. 😦

Yesterday was a bad hair day for me which wasn’t nice buut the nice thing about having long-ish hair is I simply put it into a french braid and no one was the wiser! 

me 5 3
It was a cold and rainy day as you can see. 😦

me 5 1

me 5 2

Outfit details:

Shirt- Thrift Store

Skirt- Gift

Jacket- Flea Market (I think)

Necklace- Thrift Store

Earrings- Thrift Store

Shoes- Walmart (I think) 

Have a great week everyone!


Abnormal Saturday

This Saturday we had our annual King James Bible Conference! It’s really great and there’s lots of nice preaching and fellow shipping!

I had to get up at 7:30 to get ready and we only had an hour to eat and get ready…. I was actually able to do it and have time to spare which for me is very good.

I didn’t get any pics of what I wore to the conference 😦 because I was super tired when we got home (I’m actually still pretty tired which is why I’m having trouble forming the words for this post), I wish I had not only gotten pictures of my outfit but also of the outfits of my sisters and mom (we all looked smashing if I do say so myself)! 😀 

Anyway this is what I threw on when I got home so I could take a nap in comfort (you’ve seen this shirt and skirt a trillion times on here 🙂 just warning you).

me 4 1
The sun was in my eyes. A lot.
me 4 2
My hair looks awful and I’m not sure why because my mom did a really nice hairstyle in my hair…. 

Outfit details:

Shirt- Reitmans

Skirt- Costco

Camisole- (You probably won’t believe this) Dollar Tree 😛

Flip-Flops- Hand-me-up (seriously my younger sister is like two shoe sizes bigger then mine)

How was you’re Saturday and\or week?



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