Fall’s Here?

Yeah, no, it’s not Fall. Fall has come and gone for me. So far it’s snowed twice. Well it was just flurries but still. So here is probably the only Fall looking outfit you’ll get. 😀 Hopefully not but we shall see. 🙂








This outfit is sort of dressy casual because I did wear it to my mid-week church service. It’s an outfit that would be really easy to dress up or down. I dressed it up with wedges, fancy-ish jewelry, and my hair and makeup helped. 😉 

I love the burgundy colour of the shirt. And the skirt, which I just recently bought, is lovely. I’m not completely in love with how the colours in both of my shirts go together but it’s all I had to work with so oh well. 

Outfit Details:

Shirt- Cosco

Over-shirt- Thrift Store

Skirt- Ardene

Shoes- Ardene

Choker- Walmart 

And there is the outfit. Thank you for reading and comment what your favourite season is. I do like Fall when it actually looks and feels like it.




9 thoughts on “Fall’s Here?

  1. Cute! I *love* wearing flannel plaid shirts unbuttoned over another shirt…..but that’s waaay too warm for the southern US yet =) down here we are still sweltering — it was 95 today. I was up in Michigan the beginning of this month and the low was in the 50’s. I was FREEZING! I actually wore a sweatshirt most of the two weeks I was up there, save for the two hours in the middle of the day when it was in the 70’s 😊 Snow in September…..crazy thought, that! But we don’t even really get snow in the winter, so…..

    Favourite season would have to be spring or summer. When it is warming up and there are things that are blooming. Alive and green. Fall colours are nice, but it can be chilly =)

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  2. Ohh I love the jacket! It’s crazy that you guys have snow! We have our air conditioning working in Québec! My favourite season is Winter. That’s when I’m the most motivated. 😀

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