About Me

Hello everyone! So since you took the time to read the title of this page, click on it, and waited for it to load, I’m guessing ya want to know me. I’m not sure why because I’m just an average teenage girl with a slightly good sense of style (really nothing special). But anyway here goes!     

Things I love:





Tea (NOT coffee, never coffee), 

Being a PK,

Being Homeschooled,

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches,






Listening to music,



and so much more, but this list might get a little long if I don’t stop now! 😀

Things I am:


Giggly (I seriously giggle\laugh way. too. much!),

A Pastor’s daughter, 


Hair twirler,

Twirler in general,

Organization freak,

Really. Really. Reeeeally bad speller (thank goodness for spellcheck!)


Lover of everything Audrey Hepburn,

and once again this list is getting a bit long so….

Honestly though this blog will have things about me, random details, stuff that’s going on with me, but it’s mainly about dressing modestly and glorifying God by dressing the way HE wants us to!

I might not post that often because (1). I don’t have that big of a closet and (2). Day to day the stuff I wear isn’t that special. So unless you specifically ask to see random, casual outfits I probably won’t do them.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope I see ya around a lot!!! If you ever have any questions the comment section is always open or you can email me at missbeth1897@hotmail.com , have a great day!







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