My 7 Year-Old Brother Picks My Outfit

Yep, so it’s just what the title says. I didn’t give him any help! 😀 I’m going to show you the outfit first and then share my thoughts.

IMG_8250 5

Okay, my main (and basically only) problem with this outfit is the scarf… It just really, really makes an outfit that I would probably wear, into a outfit that I definitely wouldn’t wear. I did tell him when he was creating the outfit that I didn’t need a scarf, but he said “scarves are cool so you need one”. He also showed me how he wanted me to style the scarf.  😀 

IMG_8255 3

IMG_8256 2

Other then the scarf I would probably where this. The mix of patterns is pretty good, and all the black that shows up throughout the outfit really brings everything together. 

Outfit Details: 

Shirt- Given to me

Cami- Borrowed 

Skirt- Thrift Store

Jacket- Thrift Store

Scarf- Dollor Store…? Not sure

Shoes- Walmart  


Please comment below how you think my little bro did. And stayed tuned for part two where my five year-old brother picks my outfit!  



Sunday Style #10

Yay! I love Sunday Style posts! The outfit I wore was really summery and is one that I wear probably too much. 😀 Okay so let’s just get on to the outfit.

Sunday Style 12 013

Sunday Style 12 008

Sunday Style 12 010

Sunday Style 12 021

Sunday Style 12 040

Sunday Style 12 068

Sunday Style 12 060

Sunday Style 12 049

Sunday Style 12 039

Like I said, I absolutely love this outfit. The only thing I don’t like is that the shirt is very clingy. 😦 But I can deal with that. I like being able to tie all the little accessories of an outfit together. For instances I used a pink eye-shadow to tie the scarf with the rest of the outfit. I mean it goes with it anyway but adding the pink eye-shadow does help. 🙂 Also I would have loved this even more if I had some nude shoes. I think those would have worked even better then the black.

And yes I curled my hair. But I am still trying very hard to get my hair healthy so I don’t curl it a lot. 😉

Outfit details:

Shirt- Old Navy

Skirt- Given to me

Scarf- Also given to me 😀

Shoes- Also given to me, but can be found at Ardeen 

Bracelets- You guessed it, given to me XD 

I hope you liked this post because I really like doing Sunday Style posts. Comment below if you think having a cute outfit can make you feel more confident. My answer- Yes, absolutely!



Free Sephora Gift – My Thoughts

Did you know that if you sign up with Sephora you get a free birthday gift? I didn’t until a little while ago when my friend told me about it. Sephora is sooo expensive I could never get anything there, but I signed up anyway just to get the birthday gift. 😉 Here’s what I thought about it. 

Okay so first you have to realize that the gift is sample sized. They always have two different things you can pick from. This year it was a lip kit and a skin care set, so I decided on the lip kit since I already have plenty of skin care products. 


Okay so in the lip kit was a lip scrub, balm, liner, and the actual lipstick. The lip scrub and balm were meh. Plus the packaging they were in was not the greatest and because of that the lip scrub spilled out. But I did really like the liner and lipstick. They are both easy to apply and are a nice color (at least I like it). It’s very good quality and stays on for a long time. 



Overall for a free gift, I’d love a bigger size but it’s great! So if you like lipstick like this one or you just want a free gift from Sephora go sign up! 🙂 


Modestly Styled Gals #2 -Rebekah

Today I am having another one of my amazing friends on here to share one of her favorite outfits and her thoughts on modesty. 






Hi everyone! My name is Rebekah. I am a Christian girl who wants to strive to be more like Jesus! I believe the way we dress is just one of the ways we can honor God. Modesty is important because the world cannot see our hearts, but they can see that we want to glorify God with the clothes we choose to wear. I would like to thank Elisabeth Shonhaar for the opportunity to share my thoughts on what modesty means to me! The outfit I am wearing is (in my opinion) perfect for spring, and a great casual outfit! The bell-sleeved blouse is floral, which always screams spring to me! I also love wearing ankle boots in the spring because of the unpredictable spring weather, and I think ankle boots are super cute year-long ! I enjoyed getting to do this! 

Psalm 37:23-24

– blouse from Walmart 
– denim skirt from Gabe’s (American store) 
– ankle boots from Walmart 
– tights from dollar store 
– small necklace was a gift 

Aww, thank you so much Rebekah for wanting to come on my blog and be a part of it. I’m so glad we were able to do this!  If anyone else would like to do this send me a message at and we can talk!

Happy May everyone!! I hope you had a great April. Chat with me in the comments and tell me if you have any summer plans I’d also love to hear from you guys what you think of this new series! 🙂 

Elisabeth (and Rebekah 😉 ) 

7 Hair Care Tips

Since last summer I’ve been wanting to grow out my hair. Long. Like really long. So I’ve been researching a lot on ways to make it grow faster as well as ways to just get it healthier in general. Here are some tips that I’ve seen, used, and have worked (at least for me).


This might sound gross but it really does work. Washing you hair everyday strip’s all the  essential oils from you hair which will leave your hair drier and more prone to breakage. If you wash your hair everyday it might take a couple of weeks to get your hair to not need to be washed everyday but overall it’s definitely worth it.


Brushing your hair a lot definitely leads to more breakage so maybe just brush it once when you get up and once before you go to bed. If your hair is very fine like mine you could probably get away with just combing it.


Heating your hair up will dry it out and damage it. Try not to blow dry your hair or use heat styling tools. I know some people put on heat protective sprays before using heat styling tools but I feel like all your doing is putting chemicals on your hair which also isn’t great….


You can either buy these or make one from things in your house. Trust me Pinterest has tons of recipes. 😉 But yes, I have recently started using a homemade one about once a week and I really do notice a difference, my hair is getting longer and softer. 👍

Another thing I do is about an hour before I take a shower I will put coconut oil on the ends of my hair and that also really helps.


This goes back to the stay away from heat, this one really does help my hair but I HATE it! Especially in the winter I’m just like “nope not happening”. I do notice that when I do do this my hair doesn’t frizz as much and it’s shinier.


The more you play with your hair the more you will get split ends. This one is really hard for me because I’m always twirling my hair. It’s really awful for my hair I know so I am trying to stop…. 


If you have super greasy hair or curly hair the do some research and find out what works for your hair. Generally speaking I think all the things I’ve listed will help with any hair type, but still experiment and see what works for you.                                                 

And that’s it! Obviously my hair isn’t the most amazing thing right now but all these tips are from girls who do have great hair so hopefully my hair will start getting longer and healthier. 🙂 

Thanks for reading everyone. Talk to me in the comments about what you do to care for your hair. Also tell me if you might give any of these tips a shot! 


Modestly Styled Gals #1

(I’ve never wanted this blog to be about just me. It’s first and foremost about God and modesty. So I’ve asked an amazing friend of mine to guest post here! She was kind enough to say yes, so here’s a very cute outfit of her’s and her thoughts on modesty! And I know this outfit isn’t super springy or anything but believe it or not where I live it’s still pretty cold. Really as I speak it’s snowing. So if you live in a climate similar to mine this outfit is for you! )







Hey! My name is Elisabeth (Yes she and I have the same name.)! I’m a Missionary’s Daughter to Canada from the USA, and I’m a Sinner saved by HIS Grace! I dress modestly not because I have to, but because I want to honor God in all that I do! That includes the way I dress. 

Proverbs 31:10 “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.”

Outfit details:

Cardigan- Value Village

Polka dot shirt- Value Village

Black tank top- Value Village 

Denim skirt- Value Village

Black tights- Walmart

Dress boots- Shoe Department

Necklace- Ardeen

(And that’s it! Huge thank you to Elisabeth for doing this with me. If anyone else would like to do this send me a message at and we can talk! So I also wanted to quickly apologize for not being on here for a while, there was just a bunch of things that was going on. But I wasn’t completely neglectful, I made a new header! Anyway thanks for reading.)

Have a great day! Also comment below what you think of this new series.  



OOTD- Comfy Outfit

This is just a super short post today. The outfit is one I would wear every day if I could! It’s just really comfortable and warm which is a most for me in the winter. 🙂 









Outfit details:

Shirt (\Hoodie)- Walmart

Skirt- Thrift Store

Leggings- Walmart

Boots- Giant Tiger

So that’s pretty much it. Like I said, super short post but wanted to share it with y’all because it’s very “me”. I love the color dark green and I love denim skirts so I wear this outfit quite a bit. If you want to see how I switch it up so it doesn’t look the exact same every time I wear it, I’ll do a post about that. 

What’s your favorite kind of outfit and do you like boots? I like these but overall they aren’t really “my thing”.



Sunday Style #9

I think we’ve all been there where you pick out what you’re going to wear and then you don’t like it so you try on a million outfits until you find the right one. 😀 Well that was definitely me on Sunday morning. When that does happen I usually just wear something that makes me comfortable (that’s also appropriate for church), and I ended up absolutely loving this outfit! It’s really simply but also classy and dressy, which is probably my favorite kind of outfit.

On to the outfit! 

Capture 5


Capture 15

Capture 8

Capture 11

Capture 14

Capture 12

(The wind was strong and irritating).

Capture 6

Capture 7

I had had it with the wind blowing my hair. 😛 Can you tell? 

Capture 3

capture 1

Pro Tip: If you love leggings so much that you want to wear them to church, get dressy boots to disguise them. 😀  😉 

Outfit details:

Shirt- Thrift Store

Cami- Giant Tiger 

Skirt- Gift

Leggings- Walmart

Boots- Giant Tiger

And that’s all, comment below your thoughts and tell me what kind of posts you’d like to see.



Mid-week Service OOTD

This is the outfit that I wore to my mid-week service. (Pictures are kinda fuzzy for some weird reason.)











I love how it’s just a very simple outfit that I just threw together, but the fact that I added the scarf makes it look like I tried. 🙂 I think this is the kind of outfit every. single. person has in their closet. Neutral shirt and skirt with a fun scarf. So yes, this is a super easy outfit to re-create if you wanted to. 

Outfit details:

Shirt: Walmart

Skirt: Given to me

Tights: Dollar Store (they’re actually really good quality)

Scarf: Gift

Shoes: Hand-me-up 😀 

Thanks so much for reading! Have an awesome weekend. 




The Liebster Award Tag

My sister tagged me in this so I have to do it… (That was a joke). Anyway, basically you have to have 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions that the person who tagged you asked. There are more rules and stuff I should be doing but…



The eleven random facts:

I share a birthday with Steve Jobs.

I hate bacon.

I’m currently doing a challenge of taking a picture a day (for a year).

I’ve only been outside of my home country once (that I can remember).

One movie I hope never to watch again is Daisy Kenyon.

I hate almost all facial hair on guys, (sometimes I don’t mind it, but that’s rare).

I can’t stand any socks but ankle socks.

I’m one-fourth German.

I have a serious problem with twirling my hair.

I read The Scarlet Pimpernel when I was like ten…

I depend on Spell-check.


Here are the eleven questions my sister came up with



What will keep you from finishing a book?

If a lose it for awhile or if it’s just not grabbing me.


Opinion of scented candles?

I like some of them but others are just a big no. 


Batman or Superman?



Captain America or Iron Man?

Captain America


How long do you typically leave Christmas decorations up after Christmas?

Two weeks or so. 


What’s your favorite blog and why?

Fresh Modesty!! This blog is amazing, She perfectly combines modesty and fashion, and yeah, it’s great. She recently got married and revamped her blog (she’s not super active on it but when she is it’s great) and you can still get tons of inspiration from her old blog


If you could give any person in the world a hug right now, who would it be?

My mom. And I will. 🙂 


Favorite royal personage? (Historical or modern)

Grace Kelly, very closely followed by Queen Elizabeth II


Movie or book that you hated as a child but love now?


images (1)

Favorite flavour?

Orange… or lemon… or chocolate! 😀


Oxford comma: yes, no, or sometimes?

YES, YES, and YES. I use it every single time even when I’m typing in a rush.

Okay that is it. Thank you for reading!