The Liebster Award Tag

My sister tagged me in this so I have to do it… (That was a joke). Anyway, basically you have to have 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions that the person who tagged you asked. There are more rules and stuff I should be doing but…



The eleven random facts:

I share a birthday with Steve Jobs.

I hate bacon.

I’m currently doing a challenge of taking a picture a day (for a year).

I’ve only been outside of my home country once (that I can remember).

One movie I hope never to watch again is Daisy Kenyon.

I hate almost all facial hair on guys, (sometimes I don’t mind it, but that’s rare).

I can’t stand any socks but ankle socks.

I’m one-fourth German.

I have a serious problem with twirling my hair.

I read The Scarlet Pimpernel when I was like ten…

I depend on Spell-check.


Here are the eleven questions my sister came up with



What will keep you from finishing a book?

If a lose it for awhile or if it’s just not grabbing me.


Opinion of scented candles?

I like some of them but others are just a big no. 


Batman or Superman?



Captain America or Iron Man?

Captain America


How long do you typically leave Christmas decorations up after Christmas?

Two weeks or so. 


What’s your favorite blog and why?

Fresh Modesty!! This blog is amazing, She perfectly combines modesty and fashion, and yeah, it’s great. She recently got married and revamped her blog (she’s not super active on it but when she is it’s great) and you can still get tons of inspiration from her old blog


If you could give any person in the world a hug right now, who would it be?

My mom. And I will. 🙂 


Favorite royal personage? (Historical or modern)

Grace Kelly, very closely followed by Queen Elizabeth II


Movie or book that you hated as a child but love now?


images (1)

Favorite flavour?

Orange… or lemon… or chocolate! 😀


Oxford comma: yes, no, or sometimes?

YES, YES, and YES. I use it every single time even when I’m typing in a rush.

Okay that is it. Thank you for reading!





Getting To Know Me + Family!

One of my family members suggested I do a post about some random facts about me. So here goes!

1.I don’t snore, and you might think, well that’s not very strange but everyone in my family does except my mom and me.

2.I’m a very bad speller (I think it’s hereditary because I have an aunt who is the same way) like a really bad speller!

3.I love Polyvore!

This is one of sets I made on Polyvore!

4.I can’t fall to sleep if I’m lying on my back.

5.I do NOT like animals (except cats)!  I don’t have a picture of her but if y’all really want to see her I’ll get one. She’s just not a nice cat and she never purrs which is weird!

images (2)
This is not my cat, but I wish it was! 

6.I share a room and closet with my two sisters.

7.I’m very tall.

8.I LOVE traveling!

9.I use exclamation points way to much!

10.I don’t know how to type correctly (mostly because all the courses I would try were either confusing or very slow) but I’m learning.

11.I hate it when my nails aren’t painted.

12.I’m learning sign language.

images (1)

13.I voice my opinion a lot but I also hate insulting or criticizing people in my family.

14.I’m the fourth oldest of eight!

15.I’m so glad I decided to create this blog!

Since this is a post about getting to now me and my family if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section !


About Me




My name is Elisabeth and because I have no idea how to start this post I’m just going to jump into it (though come to think of it that is a way to start a post). I’m a teenager, a pastor’s daughter, I have seven siblings, I like to decorate cupcakes and cakes, I love sewing, I love Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, I love watching movies with my siblings, Skittles, I giggle way too much, I have high standards when it comes to dressing modestly, I LOVE fashion, and most importantly I love God and my amazing family.

I’m interested in fashion, music, learning sign language, learning how to sew better, and inspiring young women to dress modestly in a stylish way.

Things I do for fun are going on Polyvore, sewing, reading,  going on Pinterest, and watching movies with my siblings (’cause watching movies alone is no fun).

If you want to contact me in other ways than the comments section thaen you can reach me at:




And of course my email . Check it out it’s great!

Well I think I covered everything you would want or care to know about me for now, so have fun exploring my blog.



   Hello, everyone!  Welcome to my blog! I hope you have fun here because that’s my goal. I will be talking about dressing modestly, old Hollywood designers (some of them are pretty awesome), my style (hope that won’t get to dry), and some of my favorite celebrity styles.

ME 002
Me and my (silly) brother!
Modest outfit I created on Polyvore!


Edith Head and Elizabeth Taylor (one of my favorite designers).


Look at that gorgeous face! Definitely the prettiest Actress in the history of Hollywood.  And she had a great sense of style!



(Second favorite Old Hollywood actress)!




If you want to know more about me go to my about me page here.

I sincerely hope we get to know each other better and that I can you get inspired to dress modestly.