Pink, Gray, and Turquoise

Today I was going out and I wanted to wear something bright and different since I tend to stick to more neutral colors, so I decided to wear my new maxi skirt  and a this turquoise top (I’m not exactly sure what color it is).

me 11 1

me 11 2


me 11 3

me 11 4

me 11 5


me 11 7

For me the easiest way to tie an outfit together is with jewelry so I put on a silver necklace, my silver studs, and since my sandals had bits of silver (you can’t really see it in the pictures) it was perfect!

Outfit details:

Shirt- Present

Skirt- Sorry, no idea

Sandals- Payless Shoe Source

Earrings- Clair’s

Necklace- Gift

Thanks for reading! Do you wear brighter colors or do you (like me) tend to stick to neutrals? Comment!




Sunday Style #8

Yesterday I caught up and the outfit I had originally picked out the night before wasn’t working, I tried on a couple outfits until I settled on this one. I’m glad I decided to wear this outfit because I can kill two birds with one stone by posting a Sunday Style and showing you the other maxi skirt I got.

Sunday Style 8 1

Sunday Style 8 4

I really like wearing maxi skirts on Sunday because they are super comfortable and really easy to dress up.

My dad gave me this necklace about a week ago and it’s my new favorite necklace!

Sunday Style 8 2

This Sunday was really great, we had a family from Brazil visit and they told us that they had been listening to my dad’s messages online. So yeah, it was really cool to meet them!

Outfit details:

Shirt- Reitmans

Skirt- I honestly can’t remember the name of the store… 😦

Sweater- Thrift Store

Necklace- Gift from my dad

Earrings- Thrift Store

Shoes- Borrowed  from my mom

Thanks for reading!


Yet Another Maxi Skirt

Yesterday I was out at a mall with my family and I found a great sale on maxi skirts (10$ for one) so I bought a couple and here’s one. 

me 10 1

me 10 2



This one is my favorite of the two, the other one is just black and gray. I really wanted to get a colorful one because I have to many gray and black things… so I got this one which still has gray in it but pink stripes is better then say white or black! 🙂  

me 10 5

I love this skirt so much! I like having pieces of clothes that can provide a pop of color to my outfit! It can be anything from a skirt, to a necklace. Just something to turn a boring outfit into a less boring outfit. 😀  

me 10 4

My “choker” is actually a silver chain I had and I just put it to fit around my neck like a choker. Have you ever done anything like that? 

me 10 6

Outfit details:

Shirt- Thrift Store

Skirt- I can not for the life of me remember the name of the store.

Sandals- Payless 

Necklace- Gift

Bracelet- Gift

Well, I can never think of a “cool” way to end my posts so…. 



Sunday Style #6

This Sunday was pretty great! My outfit was super comfortable which is always a plus. 😉  My mom told me twice how much she liked my outfit 😀 and I must say I’m defiantly going to wear this again because I loved it.

Sunnday Style 6 1

Sunnday Style 6 2

Sunnday Style 6 3

Sunnday Style 6 5

Sunnday Style 6 6

Sunnday Style 6 4
I hope you can more or less see the earrings.

I love it when I can just be looking though my closet, see a certain skirt, and be like “oh, that will look awesome with this shirt”. Has that ever happened to you?

Pro tip: If you get earrings from Thrift Stores and you’re worried about germs or diseases, let them sit for a few hours in a bowl of vinegar. I do this all the time because my ears weren’t completely healed (I just recently got them pierced) and I got some cute earrings from the Thrift Store but I was worried about getting an infection.

Outfit details:

Shirt- Thrift Store

Skirt- Thrift Store

Shoes- Borrowed

Necklace- Gift

Earrings- Thrift Store

I’m going to try to post more regularly, but these days my schedule is all over the place so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to. L

I hope you had a great Sunday!


Abnormal Saturday

This Saturday we had our annual King James Bible Conference! It’s really great and there’s lots of nice preaching and fellow shipping!

I had to get up at 7:30 to get ready and we only had an hour to eat and get ready…. I was actually able to do it and have time to spare which for me is very good.

I didn’t get any pics of what I wore to the conference 😦 because I was super tired when we got home (I’m actually still pretty tired which is why I’m having trouble forming the words for this post), I wish I had not only gotten pictures of my outfit but also of the outfits of my sisters and mom (we all looked smashing if I do say so myself)! 😀 

Anyway this is what I threw on when I got home so I could take a nap in comfort (you’ve seen this shirt and skirt a trillion times on here 🙂 just warning you).

me 4 1
The sun was in my eyes. A lot.
me 4 2
My hair looks awful and I’m not sure why because my mom did a really nice hairstyle in my hair…. 

Outfit details:

Shirt- Reitmans

Skirt- Costco

Camisole- (You probably won’t believe this) Dollar Tree 😛

Flip-Flops- Hand-me-up (seriously my younger sister is like two shoe sizes bigger then mine)

How was you’re Saturday and\or week?



I did a quest post here on the blog Reveries

I Wear Cowboy Boots, Sometimes…

Do any of you guys wear cowboy boots, like all the time? Well then my hats off to you, because I can only wear them four hours (tops) before I want to take them off and BURN them! Maybe it’s just the certain cowboy boots I was wearing….

Anyway have you ever had a moment of inspiration when you think of the perfect outfit? Well I did! And since I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget it… I decided to do a post about it and here it is!


me 3 2

me 3 3
I love the lilac bushes in the background 

me 3 4

me 3 5


I know you guys have seen this skirt sooo much on here but it really is my favorite skirt! It’s super comfortable and goes with pretty much anything! 

me 3 6

When my little brothers saw my belt they both touched it and said “ooh! cowboy!” so I’m guessing it has that kind of vibe going for it….

me 3 7

me 3 8

I really like this outfit, even the cowboy boots! I mean I don’t hate them buut they’re definitely not my favorite. Sorry everyone who loves them…. 😛

Outfit details:

Shirt- Reitmans

Camisole (you can’t see it)- Walmart  

Vest- Target (I made it from a shirt by cutting of the sleeves)

Skirt- Costco

Belt- Thrift Store

Earrings (you can’t really see them but they’re little flowers) – Thrift Store 

Boots- Hand-me-down from my brother

I hope y’all had a great Saturday!


Random outfit…

This is what I wore to church last night (we have our prayer meeting on Tuesdays). We were outside waiting to leave and I decided to get some pics of what I was wearing to kill time!

me 2 2

I curled my hair for church and for once it actually stayed in the entire night! So I was pretty happy :).

me 2 4

Outfit details:

Shirt- Reitmans 

Cami- Walmart 

Skirt- Costco 

Scarf-  Hand-me-down from my mom 😛

Shoes-  Walmart?

Bracelets- Gifts

Necklace- (You can’t see it) Gift

Wow! I just realized that nothing in this outfit is from the Thrift Store…!  

What are some posts y’all want to see more of? I’m thinking more “ordinary” outfits\ OOTDs! Please comment!



Party Outfit!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t done a blog post in a while but I was (and still am a little bit) sick. Anyway yesterday we celebrated one of my older brothers birthday! And here’s what I wore.

party outfit 7


party outfit

party outfit 8


party outfit 6

party outfit 3

party outfit 15

party outfit 2

The birthday party was at my house so I didn’t have to wear shoes which is why I just have a pair of old sneakers  on (I grabbed them on the way out of the house when we were going to take the pics)!

I was trying out a hairstyle I saw on Pinterest but since it was my first time trying it, it didn’t turn out super nice.

party outfit 059.JPG

party outfit 11


My makeup wasn’t anything special, just some mascara and raspberry\red colored lipstick!

Outfit details:

Top- Thrift Store

Skirt- Costco

Bracelets- No idea

Shoes-(not that really intended for them to be part of the outfit but anyway) Walmart

party outfit 16

So that’s what I wore, do you like the top as much as I do? (‘Because I seriously love it)!

Do you have a favorite go-to outfit for parties! Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!