Sunday Style #10

Yay! I love Sunday Style posts! The outfit I wore was really summery and is one that I wear probably too much. 😀 Okay so let’s just get on to the outfit.

Sunday Style 12 013

Sunday Style 12 008

Sunday Style 12 010

Sunday Style 12 021

Sunday Style 12 040

Sunday Style 12 068

Sunday Style 12 060

Sunday Style 12 049

Sunday Style 12 039

Like I said, I absolutely love this outfit. The only thing I don’t like is that the shirt is very clingy. 😦 But I can deal with that. I like being able to tie all the little accessories of an outfit together. For instances I used a pink eye-shadow to tie the scarf with the rest of the outfit. I mean it goes with it anyway but adding the pink eye-shadow does help. 🙂 Also I would have loved this even more if I had some nude shoes. I think those would have worked even better then the black.

And yes I curled my hair. But I am still trying very hard to get my hair healthy so I don’t curl it a lot. 😉

Outfit details:

Shirt- Old Navy

Skirt- Given to me

Scarf- Also given to me 😀

Shoes- Also given to me, but can be found at Ardeen 

Bracelets- You guessed it, given to me XD 

I hope you liked this post because I really like doing Sunday Style posts. Comment below if you think having a cute outfit can make you feel more confident. My answer- Yes, absolutely!




Mid-week Service OOTD

This is the outfit that I wore to my mid-week service. (Pictures are kinda fuzzy for some weird reason.)











I love how it’s just a very simple outfit that I just threw together, but the fact that I added the scarf makes it look like I tried. 🙂 I think this is the kind of outfit every. single. person has in their closet. Neutral shirt and skirt with a fun scarf. So yes, this is a super easy outfit to re-create if you wanted to. 

Outfit details:

Shirt: Walmart

Skirt: Given to me

Tights: Dollar Store (they’re actually really good quality)

Scarf: Gift

Shoes: Hand-me-up 😀 

Thanks so much for reading! Have an awesome weekend. 




Blue With a Pop of Color

This morning I went to the Library with my siblings and this is what I wore.

me 8 1


me 8 2

me 8 3

me 8 5


me 8 8

me 8 9

I love the denim skirt; I got it a couple days ago at a Thrift Store, (that’s the story of my life 😀 ).  It’s super stretchy, comfortable, and I like the color too (not to dark, not to light).

I think this outfit would be kind of boring if not for the pop of color that the camisole gives! Your thoughts?  

Outfit details:

Shirt- Reitman’s

Cami- Dollar Store 😛

Skirt- Thrift Store

Scarf- Dollar Tree

Earrings- Claries’

Sandals- Payless

Thanks for reading! I’m sorry it’s a shortish post.


Random outfit…

This is what I wore to church last night (we have our prayer meeting on Tuesdays). We were outside waiting to leave and I decided to get some pics of what I was wearing to kill time!

me 2 2

I curled my hair for church and for once it actually stayed in the entire night! So I was pretty happy :).

me 2 4

Outfit details:

Shirt- Reitmans 

Cami- Walmart 

Skirt- Costco 

Scarf-  Hand-me-down from my mom 😛

Shoes-  Walmart?

Bracelets- Gifts

Necklace- (You can’t see it) Gift

Wow! I just realized that nothing in this outfit is from the Thrift Store…!  

What are some posts y’all want to see more of? I’m thinking more “ordinary” outfits\ OOTDs! Please comment!



Guest Post (Tag Answers)

Do y’all remember the tag I did? Well one of my cousins wanted to do it and since she didn’t have a blog she could do it on I said she could do it here! 

So here are her answers!

Was dressing modestly a choice or something you have always done? If it was a choice when did you make the decision and why? – It’s something I’ve always done.

Do you have a go to outfit if so what is it? (a pic wold be nice) –  Here is my go to outfit; it can be for both church and casual…


What is your favorite accessory? – Necklace and Earrings!

Heels or Flats? – Heels (and sneakers)!

What is your favorite shade of lipstick? – I don’t wear lipstick but if I could it would be a light pink!

What is the modest fashion blog you first saw and what is the one you would recommend? – This is the only fashion blog I have seen so it’s the only one I could recommend!

Do you shop more at thrift stores or regular stores? – Mostly regular and online!

What is your favorite season for clothes? – Oh that’s hard! I would have to go with… Fall and Summer!

Do you like vintage fashion? – Kind of…

What is your favorite time era in terms of fashion? – Medieval!

Have you ever cosplayed anyone? – Nope! But I wish I could!

I tag my mother Julie!

Thank y’all for reading and have a great day!

Elisabeth + Genevieve

Sunday Style #2

So this Sunday was super great! Great weather, great service, and afterwards one of my aunts came over for super! It was over all an amazing day! 

This is what I wore. 

Sunday Style #2, 1

Sunday Style #2,2.jpg

Sunday Style #2,3
I LOVE this scarf so much!

Sunday Style #2,4

Sunday Style #2,5

Sunday Style #2,13

Sunday Style #2,14

Sunday Style #2,15

Sunday Style #2,7

Sunday Style #2,8

It’s a super bright outfit and the pictures don’t do it justice!

It was an incredibly windy day, why is it that whenever I am taking pictures for my blog (or rather someone taking pictures of me) it’s so windy!?

The dress is one of the ones that you’re supposed to wear like nine different ways but I’ve only figured out three. Anyway I added a lace camisole for a little extra something!

I crazy love this cardigan like so much! I’m so glad I saw it at the Thrift Store before anyone else! 🙂

Outfit details:

Dress- I think Walmart?

Cardigan- Thrift Store 

Camisole- Walmart

Scarf- I have no idea

Bracelets- Gift

Shoes- No idea  

How was your Sunday? I hope it was as good as mine! And I hope you have an amazing week!