My Everyday Makeup

I tend to experiment a lot when it comes to makeup because I find it so fun to play around with it. But if I’m just quickly doing my makeup this is what I do. (If I’m hurrying it will take me ten to fifteen minutes.)

I switch up my eye-shadow everyday to match what I’m wearing but I’ll just do light browns and such if I don’t feel like doing something fancier. 




To do the eye look I used a light pink and then transitioned to brown. I then put white in the inner corner to make my eyes look awake. 😀 I used a black eyeliner pen and put the tiniest bit on, (I find when I outline my entire eye it’s a pretty intense look).  And I finished of with mascara of course.

The pictures don’t show it very clearly. I realized after I had taken them and everything that a filter had been on which made my skin look airbrushed. But here’s the list of products I used.

Foundation // Covergirl liquid foundation (510 classic ivory)

Bronzer // Mary Kay (light medium [I think])

Eyebrows // Mary Kay (classic blond)

Eyeshadow(s) // Wet ‘n Wild (there’s no particular name for them…)

Liquid Eyeliner Pen // Mary Kay (Black)

Mascara // Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express (Glam Black [lol])

Thanks for reading! What’s your go to makeup look? Have any tips you’d like to share with me? 







Sunday Style #10

Yay! I love Sunday Style posts! The outfit I wore was really summery and is one that I wear probably too much. 😀 Okay so let’s just get on to the outfit.

Sunday Style 12 013

Sunday Style 12 008

Sunday Style 12 010

Sunday Style 12 021

Sunday Style 12 040

Sunday Style 12 068

Sunday Style 12 060

Sunday Style 12 049

Sunday Style 12 039

Like I said, I absolutely love this outfit. The only thing I don’t like is that the shirt is very clingy. 😦 But I can deal with that. I like being able to tie all the little accessories of an outfit together. For instances I used a pink eye-shadow to tie the scarf with the rest of the outfit. I mean it goes with it anyway but adding the pink eye-shadow does help. 🙂 Also I would have loved this even more if I had some nude shoes. I think those would have worked even better then the black.

And yes I curled my hair. But I am still trying very hard to get my hair healthy so I don’t curl it a lot. 😉

Outfit details:

Shirt- Old Navy

Skirt- Given to me

Scarf- Also given to me 😀

Shoes- Also given to me, but can be found at Ardeen 

Bracelets- You guessed it, given to me XD 

I hope you liked this post because I really like doing Sunday Style posts. Comment below if you think having a cute outfit can make you feel more confident. My answer- Yes, absolutely!



Free Sephora Gift – My Thoughts

Did you know that if you sign up with Sephora you get a free birthday gift? I didn’t until a little while ago when my friend told me about it. Sephora is sooo expensive I could never get anything there, but I signed up anyway just to get the birthday gift. 😉 Here’s what I thought about it. 

Okay so first you have to realize that the gift is sample sized. They always have two different things you can pick from. This year it was a lip kit and a skin care set, so I decided on the lip kit since I already have plenty of skin care products. 


Okay so in the lip kit was a lip scrub, balm, liner, and the actual lipstick. The lip scrub and balm were meh. Plus the packaging they were in was not the greatest and because of that the lip scrub spilled out. But I did really like the liner and lipstick. They are both easy to apply and are a nice color (at least I like it). It’s very good quality and stays on for a long time. 



Overall for a free gift, I’d love a bigger size but it’s great! So if you like lipstick like this one or you just want a free gift from Sephora go sign up! 🙂