My Favorite Fashion Era’s – 1940s

I can usually find at least one trend from each fashion era that I like. But with the 1940s it’s hard to find something that I don’t like! From the hats to the the shoes everything about the 1940s style is elegant and beautiful.






Love the dress, but what I love even more are her shoes! Like how cute are they!? 

I mean if you don’t see what I’m talking about now, you’re blind. ūüėĬ†

But seriously, I love how everything looks so feminine and pretty. Even Land Girls looked awesome while doing their jobs.


Ahhhh! I’m just in love with it all!

What’s your favorite fashion era? Also I’m going to turn this into a series so definitely keep a look out for more of these!



Movies That Have Great Costumes (in my opinion)!

Do you ever watch a movie just to feast your eyes on the amazing costumes? Well I do and here are a few of the ones I watch because they have amazing costumes! 

To Catch a Thief (1955)

images (4)

Designer- Edith Head 

I love watching this movie so much (but not just for the costumes)! It’s my go to movie when I feel down or when I’m sick!

images (3)

Need a swimsuit cover-up? Perfect idea!
Normally I don’t like gold dresses but she and Edith Head make it work!
images (4)
Love it! + It’s modest!

Rear Window (1954)


Designer- Edith Head

This is a great movie in terms of costumes and plot!

grace-kellys-style-rear-window-8-e1353429370774 (1)

Oh my word! I love the bracelet so much! Can I get a YES!

images (1)

Favorite dress of hers in this movie! 

Sabrina (1954)

download (3)

Designer(s)- Edith Head+ Hubert de Givenchy

I’ve only watched this movie once but I remember loving the costumes!



images (12)
I Love This Dress So Much!

So you probably saw a pattern with the designers, but now let me break it up by talking about this movie!

Gone With the Wind (1939)

images (8)

Designer- Walter Plunkett

I pretty much only watch this movie for the costumes (Scarlett seriously gets on my nerves)!

download (1)


melanie 12 oaks- movie1


images (11)


download (2)
images (10)
They deserve each other. 

images (7)

images (9)

Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

images (17)

Designer- Walter Plunkett

I LOVE this movie and the costumes sooooo much!!! It’s what got me interested in 20s styles!

images (13)
The BRACELET!!! (and just the whole thing)!!!!!!!
images (14)
I now you only see this girl for a minute but I love her dress! 

download (4)

images (16)

download (6)

images (15)
Fav dress that she wears!
images (18)
These three!!!!

images (20)

download (5)

Love, Love, Love! Lena’s dress!
images (19)

I’m not very good with word so I’ll just act out my thanks to the designers *blows kisses repeatedly*!¬†

So that’s it! Hoped y’all like it! Sorry I couldn’t get better pictures. And definitely tell me your favorite movies (in terms of costumes) in the comments!