How to Turn a Pair of Jeans Into a Skirt Part Two

So onto the sewing part! You can find the first part here.

Things you will need:

Extra fabric,

A strip of denim, you will use this as a buffer kind of thing and use it whenever going over particularly thick part of denim or bump,

A needle, the kind of ones used for sewing denim,


And thread

I realized now that I should have added the part about cutting out the extra fabric for it, into the last post but I forgot, which means this post will be a bit longer.

You need to pin the crotch in place (as shown in the pic) and sew it.

sewing 001.JPG

Turn them inside out and and cut of excess fabric as shown below.

sewing 010.JPG  

Now you need to pick out some fabric. I was making this one for my sister who loves the color pink so of course she picked a pink fabric. I also used some strips of denim from when I cut of some of the pant legs.

There are so many different variables of what you can do, you can do only one color, do several, or add embellishments like I did with the first one I made.  What I did was take leftover fabric from the jeans and a pink fabric like I said earlier. There’s really no measurements I can give, you just have to make sure to cut the fabric out a little longer than necessary so you can sew it to the jeans.

sewing 012

So you want to pin the strips of fabric together (if you choose to do it that way, if not and you just have an entire piece of fabric skip this step) and then sew it all together. Doing it before saves time and is less hassle. You may have noticed that I didn’t pin the middle piece to the top piece that’s because I needed to make a seam first, if you don’t know how to do that follow the instructions below.


How to make a seam:

First place one piece of fabric on the other, right sides together.

sewing 017

Next pin it together and sew.

Last flip them over (right sides out) and you’re done!

sewing 018

So yeah I had to do that because the edges didn’t have seams already like the some of the others.

Anyway after you’re done that do the same thing for the back of it (make seams whenever needed).

sewing 021
Front view. 



sewing 019
Back view.

Now you’re ready to sew the fabric to the actual skirt. Begin by pinning it in place and starting from the top, sew down to the bottom. Do the same on back.

sewing 027
As you can see it’s very bulky so you should go slowly and carefully! 

sewing 023

Turn it inside out and if you sewed it like I did there will be excess fabric so you should cut this off.

sewing 024

Now you’re almost done and you have two choices either don’t hem it (just be warned denim does fray) or hem it! If you choice to hem it here’s how:

Carefully turn up the end about half an inch or whatever length you want, pin as you go and do this all the way around  then just sew keeping it as straight  as possible.

Now you are finally done! Hope this has helped and if you have any questions just ask down below!



How to Turn a Pair of Jeans Into a Skirt, Part 1

So I’m finally getting around to doing a tutorial on this! Don’t worry about if you’re a beginner at sewing (so am I) because making these are fairly easy!

This part is going to be about cutting it out the next part will be about sewing it all together. So without further ado let’s get started!

First you need to pick out a pair of jeans that fit you in the waist don’t worry if the cuffs are frayed or if there’s anything wrong with them on the lower legs because most likely you will be cutting this part off depending on the length you want it to be.

So after you do that you want to grab another skirt that you like the length of and place it on top of the jeans and cut leaving a little room to hem it later.  I just cut a little snip on both sides, take the other skirt of and cut it out then.

sewing 007

After that you are going to take the jeans and rip the seams along the INSIDE of the pants until you get to crotch part then you will need to rip about halfway up it (do the same on the back only do it to about the bottom of the pockets, some people cut it with scissors but I would not advice you to do this) do NOT skip this part or you have weird looking skirt when you’re done. I took a pair of tiny scissors and ripped the seams out that way but if you have a seam ripper it’s totally fine to use that as well.

sewing 015

sewing 020
They should look like this!
sewing 021
This is how it should look in the front when you cut the crotch.


sewing 024
This is how it should look in the back when you cut the crotch.

So you’re done the seam ripping now just lay out the pants and pin them in place (as shown in picture). Now you are done that part of the whole project! *psyches myself up for a day of sewing*

sewing 028
Front view when pinned.
sewing 026
 Back view when pinned.

I will be sewing it this Saturday and I will take pics and try to do the post tomorrow as well!

Hope this will help y’all!


My Latest Sewing Project!

 So on Saturday I was spending most of the morning and afternoon working on turning a pair of jeans into a skirt (something I’ve always wanted to do) and they came out pretty good! Next time I do this I will probably take pictures and do a tutorial if y’all want me to (I found some of the ones online to be unclear or confusing).

 I used one of my older brother’s old jeans so that’s why the knees have holes in them and are frayed. I used one of his because I wanted a pair that I could practice on (one that I didn’t have to spend a dime on just in case it didn’t turn out). Thankfully they turned out well enough that I could wear around the house! I had to add the pink rickrack because I made a mistake, but that’s the nice thing about making these, you can embellish them if you make a mistake (or just for fun) and (unless you do it in a weird way) people won’t think it looks strange.

002 (2).JPG

The back isn’t as nice, I made a few mistakes but the good thing is I won’t (hopefully) make the same mistakes next time! I know that I will do this again because yes it was a little difficult but it so much easier than looking though the racks of Thrift Stores hoping you come upon one that fits perfect or buying one online which can get expensive and you can’t be sure if it will fit.

004 (2).JPG

I had no idea how to actually sew it all together (I was just winging it). I had to ask my mom for some help a couple times and the sewing machine was acting up so much I started to cry (which was kind of embarrassing), but I think I did fairly well. And I’m definitely going to make another one!

If you have any thoughts on how to cover up the holes in the knees (without it looking stupid) then please tell me in the comments!